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Så underbara geler att arbeta med. Skulptera på nolltid <3

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Advantages of Acrylgel: - Unlimited modeling time - without unpleasant smell - easy to use - Very thick, doesn't flow into cuticle area - Polymerization in UV and LED light - it has acrylic strength - easy to file - it has possibility of combining with other materials (gel lack, colour gels, french gels…) - Speeds up time - the ability to make thin nails due to the strength of the product - Is available in 30ml package It is ideal for everyone who loves acrylic technique but who had problems with unpleasant smell of monomer and for those who have hard time working with gel because of its consistency. Ring 0736-212669 PM:a eller maila till: info@vasastansnagelcenter.se och boka visning <3. #juliananails #visning #nyheter #webshop #acrylgel #stockholm